Dear Students and Parents,

I am very humble to welcome you all who have dream to study abroad and make carrier on there. We have established strong connections with very renounwed university and colleges among the world.So as to a gain and provide the students the right link to their future goals . WE believe that chance always favors the prepared mind which cialis en france is why we believe in being prepared first and then guiding you towards your dream so we are here to guide you in your every improbable steps towards your future.

Thanking you
Best of luck for your upcoming future
Kyoumi  International Education Center

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Five Quick Points About Japan ♦ Fascinating blend of very old and very modern cultures and art forms  ♦ One of world’s best-educated and most literate populations  ♦ Cutting-edge research and technology facilities in many schools  ♦ Welcoming environment currently for foreign students given government emphasis on increasing international student numbers  ♦ Stunning environmental as […]

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Choosing a school Each Japanese language school has their own atmosphere and course structure, so you will want to find a school that fits your study style. Our Kyoumi International Education Center can help you choose the right school based on your language level, study habits and city you want to study in. Application process Complete the […]

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The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document, issued by a regional immigration authority to show  that the person applying meets the conditions for landing in Japan So basically, it’s a preliminary visa screening process; the step before the actual step of applying for a student visa to enter Japan. The Japanese government approves the […]

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Student Application Form Once you apply to the Kyoumi Student Placement Program our Student Coordinator will send you the student application form. To increase your odds of being accepted by the Japanese Immigration Bureau you should try to be as detailed as possible. Especially for sections explaining why you want to come to Japan. The […]

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I am Ashika Gurung ;reading in NILS in Fukuoka in Japan. Why i choose kyoumi is the homely environment which i can’t get from other institute. The teacher of this students are lovely, they praise the students who are good at studying and also those who are good they give new tackles to face which gives us confident to face any challenge in future days. As well as they support the students who face problems in studying in Japan.

Ashika Gurung

As I am one of the students in he first group of this institute I proudly say that Kyoumi is the best institute to learn the Japanese language in Chiwtan. I found a different environment in this institute. The teacher are one of the most experienced teacher in Chitwan. After reading from here I got confidence to study in JILC in Japan which is one of the toughest institute to granted a admission for foreign student. Thank you Kyoumi.

Bhumi Kandel

Many institute took of their hands for my documents to provide me an opportunity to study in Japan but Kyoumi provide me a hand to be a students in Japan. Due to the Kyoumi I am studying in the renowned collage of Fukuoka right now. Thanks for the teachers as well as the counselor to provide me an opportunity to prove myself in the field of the world education.

Sagun Tiwari

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